Selected Romantic Telugu Movies For This Valentine 2023

Are you wondering about different ways you can plan for the perfect Valentine’s Day for your lover? Do you want to plan a special and intimate date for your special person this Valentine’s? Then one of the best ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day intimately and privately is by watching romantic Telugu hd movies with your special person.

Plan an eventful dinner date along with the best selection of romantic movies to make the day extra special. Watching romantic movies with your special person will help you create new memories with them. You will get to spend special time with your loved ones that will create a deep and core memory in both of your heart and mind.

If you are in search of great romantic movies, then a few of the best movies you can watch are urvasivorakshasivo, 18 pages and sammathame. Find all these movies in the popular ott streaming platform Aha. Make sure to subscribe to this unique platform to ensure that you do not miss out on the latest and hit movies that are being streamed on the platform. 

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  • The plot of urvasivorakshasivo

The popular romantic Telugu movie urvasivorakshasivo Is a youthful breezy, and cheerful movie to watch along with your partner. The movie has been directed by none other than RakeshSashii. Popular Tollywood personalities who are being featured in the movie are AlluSirish, Anu Emmanuel, Sunil, Vennela Kishore, Aamani and Kedar Shankar.

The movie revolves around Sree Kumar, who belongs to a simple family. Sree Kumar is a family oriented software engineer who falls insanely in love with Siri, who is a modern and career oriented girl. Sreekumar tries every trick in the book to woo Siri. Sreekumar also proposes to Siri to get into a live in relationship with him. Watch the movie to learn how a simple and straightforward guy manages to live in a live in relationship belonging to a conservative family.

This particular entity in the movie is quite on track with the current generation. Every aspect of different emotional journeys has been carefully handled by the director.

  • The plot of 18 pages

The excellently created movie, 18 pages, has been directed by Palnati Surya Pratap. The story line of the movie 18 pages revolves around the character Nandini who is a young woman and who suffers from short term memory loss. As Nandini suffers from short the memory loss, she likes to make use of a diary to help her stay on track with her life. However, in the plot, we notice that her diary is lost and eventually found by a young man. As this individual gets his hand on Nandini’s diary, he reads about her and sets out on a journey to find out about her. The movie has been excellently created and is a great movie to watch along with your lover this valentine’s day.

  • The plot of sammathame

The story line of the movie revolves around Krishna, who is a software engineer who is living in Hyderabad. Krishna’s mother passed away when he was a child, and therefore he eventually followed in his father’s footsteps. Krishna eventually aspires to Marry a traditional girl just like his mother. However, as the plot progresses, we notice that Krishna meets Saanvi and experiences love at first sight. What’s the movie? Do unravel questions such as did Krishna get what he was looking for? This is going to be an amazing watch for your Valentine’s plan.

Watch the Best Tamil Movie

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